The difference between modern and contemporary design is a common question. This is because many interior designers view the two methods as similar in all aspects. However, although there are similarities between the methods there are very distinct differences. Once designers understand these differences it becomes easier to improve the décor of their house.

Modern Design

The modern design was developed in the early stages of the twentieth century. The modern strategy slightly came before the contemporary method. Notably, the modern design was adopted when the modern art movement was at its peak. At the initial stages the modern design was a mixture of the German Bauhaus and the Scandinavian design. However, with time the modern décor has developed into a specific and simplistic style. Nowadays the style utilizes neutral and earthly colors during the decoration of a house. For instance, dark-brown palettes and seats labeled with an earthly color. Lastly, this design facilitates the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and leather during the construction of equipment.

Contemporary Method

The most distinct feature about the contemporary design is that it has no constant mode of decoration. Its decoration techniques are mixture of the latest interior decoration designs. Notably, it mainly utilizes the minimalism art-deco and modernism decoration ideas. Although the contemporary method is unidentifiable, there are some characteristics that can comfortably be linked with the design. For instance, organic silhouettes (dark shapes), clean or curved lines and neutral palettes. Contemporary uses materials such as steel, iron chrome and nickel during the construction of its pieces of equipment. These heavy materials enable all the items to have a natural texture.

Critical differences

The contemporary design is a clear expression of the recent occurrences in the field of interior design. Notably, is an ambiguous method that is always adaptable to any changes or developments. However, the modern design identifiable since it uses strong or crisp lines and exciting neutral colors during the decoration of a house. For more inspiration and knowledge about contemporary and modern techniques visit Tylko’s company guidelines.

Instances to select Modern over Contemporary method

Modern design is always suitable who lived in the era between 1920 to 1950. This is because such homeowners normally have an aesthetic taste of one color. Thus, they can install warm and neutral colors and themes in their houses. Contrarily, contemporary method is most loved by designers who love to be up-to date with the current furnishing design.