With the current situation of the pandemic more people are now spending a lot of time indoors to keep safe. So as we embrace this new normal, it is important that we change our interiors to designs that will make life easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. The Danes are known to be one of the happiest people in the world and this can be easily attributed to the hygge. This type of lifestyle embraces simplicity and serenity. Read on for more ideas of how to incorporate hygge into your spaces.


It is rumored that the Danes are one of the largest consumers of candles in the world. Candles bring a special glow and warmth that help with coping with those chilly winter days. Add scented candles to transform your space into a clean, fresh and warm haven.

Let there be more light in your home

Okay so now you know that Hygge is not just about candles. Because with winter in tends to be a bit darker, the Danes take any form of lighting very seriously. This can be achieved by not only taking advantage of the natural light, but also by incorporating lamps to radiate that soothing light throughout your home.

Incorporate natural elements

Winter might be all gloomy but this should not stop you from binging in natural items that will brighten your home. Go for items made of wood or bring in some plants and transform your space.

Other tips to put in mind

  • Add a fireplace
  • You can create a nook
  • Incorporate textured items